Sphonic provides various service types and levels of service to meet our clients’ needs
Levels of service include:

  • Dedicated resource to monitor their traffic activity, provide analysis and make recommendations
  • Automated technical alerts via email or SMS (watch out for our future client APP)
  • Reporting including weekly or monthly reports of risks, activity & service levels

Sphonic services can be delivered via 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1 levels provide resource, technical alerts & reports
  • Tier 2 levels provide technical alerts & reports
  • Tier 3 levels provide reporting

Sphonic offers 4 types of professional services

1. Managed Services

With managed service a dedicated resource monitors our client’s traffic on a daily basis acting was an extra member of their team. The resource liaises with the client whenever any issues or unfamiliar patterns arise and makes recommendations.

2. Vendor SLA Management

Sphonic monitors vendor traffic for response times, timeout and completeness of data. Clients are updated with management information and alerts whenever pre designed thresholds are breached.

3. Support & Maintenance

Sphonic can provide a variety of Support and Maintenance services up to 24×7, this ensures peace of mind for our customers and the flexibility with multiple and variable options to meet clients requirements. 

4. Change Management

Clients may wish to create new workflow, add new vendor sin to existing workflows, trial new vendors and services or alter results within workflows. Various levels of change management are offered from “ring fenced” resource for guaranteed 48 hr turnarounds to daily professionals service rates on request.