Workflow Manager

Sphonic’s Workflow Manager is an innovative approach to linking multiple data processes and 3rd party data providers into a straightforward, single API gateway. The workflows are dynamically executed depending on almost infinite criteria relating to scenarios such as; different channels, products, value or geographical location.

Workflow Manager acts as a conduit between an organisation and third party providers, removing the need for multiple vendor implementations. It enables the polling of data, across numerous events, to provide the most in-depth and relevant data for the decisioning process.

Workflow Manager’s aggregated technology not only simplifies the integration process, saving valuable time and internal resource, but also reduces integration costs as users can avoid unnecessary fees from separate providers. An improved awareness of the individual services within each area, as well as their availability, allows organisations to design a bespoke workflow for each event type, thereby realising the value of innovation sooner.

The Workflow Manager solution receives data supplied by a merchant and uses bespoke strategies to make calls to third party vendors, either in series or parallel. Once the responses have been received and collated, this single transaction is then returned to the merchant to be processed by a decision engine or another internal process.

Key Components

Digital Identity & Fraud Management Solution

Workflow Manager is designed to support identity and fraud management requirements for any digital consumer-not-present business or enterprise.

Single API to a Vendor-Agnostic Data Network

Workflow Manager provides the digital client or enterprise a single API with access to data from leading global vendors requiring only one integration.

Workflow Management for Dynamic Data retrieval

Workflow Manager enables user-defined workflows allowing data retrieval from a panel of vendors in milliseconds.

FACTS-BASED Approach to reduce customer friction

Workflow Manager is configured to ensure that fraud is detected early and genuine customers can transact without friction.


Benefits – Value across the business

  • Increased conversion of new customers
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Internal cost efficiencies in running the business
  • Reduced time to market of new products or new market/channel entry
  • Continue to meet regulatory requirements & manage changes in Regulations
  • Meet requirements for new market entry or Product Types
  • Benefit from industry innovations at an early stage, without the concern of a ‘tech project’
  • Opex Model not a Capex burden
  • Reduced Cost Per Acquisition
  • Improved 3rd party Vendor commercial arrangements
  • Increased customer acceptance & spend (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Reduced fraud losses and cost of managing fraud