We are London-based fraud and risk experts.

Proven thought leaders in regulatory compliance,

helping global clients manage fraud and risk with our innovative Workflow Management platform. From our years of experience in the RegTech industry, Sphonic’s founding team pioneered the approach to augmenting digital insights with traditional KYC checks, providing a sophisticated solution to meet the demands of fast-moving digital commerce. Our Case Management System delivers data visualisation capabilities by enabling real-time assessment of platform & vendor performance, whilst also providing real-time AML & Fraud monitoring capabilities via the live Workflow Manager data stream.

Balancing protection with customer experience

Sphonic’s suite of products ensure clients can meet regulatory requirements and maintain flexibility of choice.

Workflow Manager unlocks access to innovations from over 80 leading global data vendor services in areas such as Global Identity & Verification, Peps & Sanctions Data, Device Fingerprinting, Mobile Profiling, Email Verification, Geo-Location, Behavioural Biometrics, and many others through its agnostic platform.

With these capabilities, Sphonic helps compliance teams bring their RegTech into one place, covering KYC/KYB, AML, Fraud & Risk Management via our single API.

Meet our team of experts

Riten Gohil

Partner at Sphonic

Riten Gohil is a partner at Sphonic. He has a wealth of industry experience in payments, identity fraud, risk management, and RegTech. Riten is driven by a desire to solve identity solutions for SME and Enterprise clients across the globe. He enjoys embracing the challenges and opportunities for RegTech to solve problems that were once deemed impossible. Outside of work he is enjoying the joys of life with his wife and daughter, and he’s a stickler for finding new places to explore in London and around the world.

Andy Lee

Founder & General Manager

Andy Lee is the Founder and General Manager of Sphonic. He has 20+ years experience in Risk & Compliance, with a demonstrated passion for his field. He believes in leading, not following, and that is how he envisions success for Sphonic and its clients. Andy now has two families—one at home and one at Sphonic.

Terry Chow

Operations Director

Terry Chow is the Operations Director at Sphonic. He has 20+ years experience in delivering innovative tech solutions in banking, Fintech, fraud prevention, and security. Driven by the phrase, ‘making things fly,’ he excels in taking broad concepts and delivering working solutions. Having played rugby up until the age of 49, his main hobby now is managing his own pain and those of Sphonic’s clients.

Michael Williams

Head of Professional Services

Michael Williams is the Head of Professional Services at Sphonic. He has 15 years of experience in fraud, risk, and on-boarding processes across multiple sectors. Logical and detail-focused, he builds the perfect on-boarding process for each of our clients. His passions revolve around his work, delving into any new innovations available to tackle fraud risk, and any data-driven task. Outside of work, he is owned by a house full of girls!

James Gutteridge

Commercial Manager

James Gutteridge is the Commercial Manager at Sphonic. He has spent a number of years building commercial models in fast-growing SaaS companies and continues to blend that skill with his passion for technology. James graduated from York University with a degree in Chemistry and is an avid skier, footballer and golfer.

Sam Clayton

Partnership Manager

Sam Clayton is the Partnership Manager at Sphonic. He has 15 years of experience working in fraud and risk, from online retail through to consultancy and network consultancy in the world of start-ups. With a keen eye for new innovations in #RegTech and customer on-boarding. At weekends you’ll find him watching live music or football.

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