Stay ahead. Stay secure. Onboard fast.

Automate merchant onboarding and accelerate business verification with fraud and risk management for Acquirers and PSPs.

Simple, secure, cost-effective solutions

that meet merchants' increasing demands

As the world goes digital and the move away from cash to card-based payment methods increases, the need to get merchants onboarded as quickly as possible is a growing requirement in the Covid19 era we live in. Traditional methods have created barriers to those leveraging card acceptance facilities and seeking unsecure, costly alternatives. Acquirers and PSP’s are embracing the need for value-added services in risk management to merchants, providing trusted tools to keep the eco-system as secure as possible.

Here's how we can help you

Automated Onboarding in 20 seconds

Automate the merchant onboarding journey to about 20 seconds to perform all the regulatory Business, Risk, Anti-Impersonation, and Director/UBO checks as required by regulation and client policy.

Real-Time Risk Checks

Get real-time digital risk checks based on applicant devices, location, email, mobile, and so on, to support and complement traditional business verification and credit checks.


Stay ahead of the curve in managing risk and onboarding. Get access to innovations to support the sector whether through negative lists, corporate registry changes, open-banking, and many others.

Global Reach. One API.

Gain a comprehensive global set of tools to support business onboarding for millions of merchants in multiple territories and markets across the world, via a single API.  

Real-Time Tracking

Benefit from ongoing transactional monitoring to assess the activities performed by the business and track against its onboarding profile, allow actionable insights and performance tracking in real-time.

Transact with confidence with fraud and risk experts on your team.


Sphonic works with a number of large and disruptive payments acceptance businesses serving multiple global markets. Services to automate onboarding and enabling tools to support merchant risk management capabilities have been successfully in place with major players like Safecharge and Capita Pay360 for a number of years. What can we do for your business?