AML Transaction Monitoring

Are you dealing with AML challenges? Our agile tech is designed to scale. Our regtech experts guide fintechs with custom solutions.

AML Transaction Monitoring designed to scale

In a world where customers expect a super-fast digital experience and where fraud and financial crime continue to challenge the fintech ecosystem, you need to be able to identify, track and act as effectively as possible.

Sphonic, known for its pioneering KYC/KYB orchestration technology has launched its real-time Transactional Monitoring System for the growing digital economy, allowing fintechs, banks, gaming operators to monitor fraud, AML and affordability data (e.g, for Responsible Gaming and Buy Now Pay Later) in a single integrated platform.

5 Key AML Challenges Facing Fintech

Solution Fit

Ensuring the AML solution is fit for purpose considering the complex and ever changing AML market with its quagmire of specialized solutions that do not work well together?

Time to Deploy

AML can be quite complex: A myriad of rules, data options and strategies can slow down implementation and deployment quite considerably.

Ongoing Adapting to Growing Regulation

Most platforms do not provide the agility and flexibility to modify as regulations change without impairing core systems.

Legacy Technology

AML tools can be clunky, built in an analogue era that are often not fit into modern technology stacks. Additionally, those old systems often lack the speed needed for a modern end user experience.

Cost Management

AML transaction monitoring can become quite expensive as systems and businesses scale.

How Sphonic’s AML Transaction Monitoring Solution Helps

Sphonic’s AML Transaction Monitoring Solution performs real-time checks on transactional behaviour, using Sphonic’s context-based logic, customer profiling augmented with additional vendor data.

We act on the premise that Knowing Your Customers is not purely about sign-up and KYC at the point of origination rather “knowing them” through their entire life-cycle.

We created our AML transactional monitoring capabilities to focus on identifying the ‘needles in the haystack’ that are going to be the bigger problem cases and assert tolerance levels to the broader customer base through the use of additional richdata and advanced algorithms.

In tandem with our Case Management Tool, you can truly understand your risk profiles through real-time alerting and data visualisation to make compliance painless.

Removing Data Silos

Profile fraud, AML, affordability in a single integrated platform strives for a single view of your customers, saving costs against using multiple systems.

Expert-led Solution Design & Deployment

Have subject-matter experts guide you to deploy your custom AML solution and provide ongoing assistance.

Quick to Configure & Deploy

Sphonic’s intuitive AML design tool enables service configuration & API creation in a matter of days.

Dynamic Scoring

Sphonic uses proprietary algorithms to dynamically assign scores to the individual payments and then combine those so each customer receives unique scores for each rule.

Highly Scalable

The solution is designed to process tens of millions of transactions per annum and grows as you do, making it highly cost-effective.

Deploy an AML Transaction Monitoring Solution with a Few Clicks

1. Design Your Workflow, Rules & Views

2. Construct an API in Minutes

3. Set & Modify Rules as Your Service Evolves

With a newly-built Design Manager Tool, designing and configuring an AML Transaction Monitoring solution is intuitive and time-efficient.

The expert team will guide you through service options, rules and how to get the most out of the service. Once the service is deployed rules can be adjusted and modified through self-service, yet the Sphonic team continues to work with you to optimise the service throughout the lifecycle of the engagement.

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5 key AML challenges facing fintechs

Learn the 5 key AML challenges facing fintechs and how Sphonic solves those issues with by removing data silos, expert-led solution design & deployment, being quick to configure & deploy, dynamic scoring and highly scalable.