Spot trends and eliminate threats in

Sphonic’s Case Management System is the visual console of Sphonic’s Workflow Manager and the control centre for your fraud and risk teams.

Say goodbye to tedious case lists

Sphonic’s Case Management System is built on top of Workflow Manager. Any flags in your workflow process are identified immediately in the Case Management System, making risk management process easier and more efficient for your fraud and risk teams. Spot risks and fraud attempts in real-time and gain more control over your workflow.

See it. Stop it.
Protect your bottom line.

  • Spot risks in real-time
  • Build custom reports
  • Save time

Gain real-time visibility of risks and trends.

The Sphonic Case Management System tracks all activity in your workflow. With customisable filters, you can identify important trends and activity, simplifying the process for your fraud and risk teams. The system is designed around your specific fraud, risk, and AML policies. This allows you to track high-risk activity, high value variance, first transactions and recipients, PEP clients, and more within a single console.

Build custom reports that fit your needs

Monitor 3rd party data vendor performance and much more. Sphonic’s Report Builder tool gives you complete control to easily build custom reports that fit your organisations’ everyday compliance needs.

Jump-start your compliance process

Significantly decrease the time it takes to perform manual checks with bespoke policies and customisable actions built directly into the Sphonic Case Management System.

Get started

1. Design

Design your Case Management System, including actions and filters


Decrease manual checks with bespoke policies and actions


Get total visibility and take control of your workflow process


The Sphonic team will advise on the best setup for your specific goals, based on best practices. You will also have the ability to customise what and how you view data in the Sphonic Case Management System throughout your time as a customer.

Sphonic’s Case Manager can be managed by a single user but can be set up for teams of users as well, depending on how your organisation is structured.

You will be able to setup customisable actions within Sphonic Case Manager to fit to your policies. For example, you could blacklist a high-risk individual.