Safe. Fast. Approved.

Speed up fund flow, boost approval rates, and deliver real-time decisioning with fraud and risk management workflows for lenders.

Keep it simple, secure, and profitable.

Innovation in lending has grown significantly, seeing many new entrants disrupting the market with consumer and business-based products. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we have also seen the introduction of government-backed schemes (such as BBLS and CBILS in the UK) to stimulate small and large businesses to navigate tricky times. We’ve been working with some of the large and disruptive lenders in the market, automating the lending funnel from start to finish, enabling funds to get to consumers and businesses within hours, not weeks.

Here's how we can help you


Automate the end-to-end lending journey, leveraging digital insight checks to assure the identity of a consumer or business and overlay with a range of credit and KYC, KYB, AML checks.

Real-Time Decisioning

Benefit from Multi-Bureau capabilities that allow real-time KYC/KYB and Credit Decisioning, which can be procured through Sphonic directly or by leveraging your own relationship.

Improved Approval Rates

Bring anti-fraud checks into the lending underwriting process to remove data silos and manual intervention, and improve approval rates significantly.


Leverage innovation data to help lending decisions such as Open Banking and Affordability Scores, as well as Business Lending solutions that alert changes to business status and behaviour.


Map against your lending scorecard or leverage our expertise to assist in making ultimate lending decisions.

Get funds to customers in a matter of hours.


Sphonic has been proud to work with innovators in consumer and business lending in Zopa and Paysafe for a number of years, optimising their lending processes along the way and providing continuous support as their businesses evolve and grow. What can we do for your business?