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Every Sphonic customer gains exclusive access to our Professional Services Team. Our team’s collective experience and knowledge of industry best practices allow you to design powerful workflows based on your exact regulatory requirements.

“Sphonic has proved to be a strong business partner and one that is always willing to go above and beyond. In particular, their excellent subject matter expertise and strategic guidance ensures Paysafe is always able to find innovative solutions, and adjust our implementation as and when needed, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. We work very well together.”

Giacomo Austin

Head of Compliance Strategy & Advisory at Paysafe Group

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Expert help selecting the right vendors

In an evolving regulatory landscape, it can be hard to determine which 3rd party vendors to use. The Sphonic Professional Services Team clarifies the vendor selection process through honest, expert guidance. Because our team is outcome-oriented and vendor-agnostic, we’ll help you select which vendors meet your current and future regulatory requirements.

Stay ahead of the trends

As technologies and data models shift, the ability to stay on trend has become increasingly challenging. Sphonic’s Professional Services team gives you the expert’s edge in implementing best-in-class vendors, data modelling, and workflows for your KYC, KYB, AML, fraud and risk needs.

Data that fits your business

The RegTech space has advanced significantly in recent years. While this has improved customer choice, it has also brought the headache of vast mismatched data libraries with it. The Sphonic Professional Services Team works collaboratively with 3rd party vendors to produce normalised data libraries that match your current environment and your regulatory needs.

Meet our team of experts

Michael Williams

Head of Professional Services

Michael Williams is the Head of Professional Services at Sphonic. He has 15 years of experience in fraud, risk, and on-boarding processes across multiple sectors. Logical and detail-focused, he builds the perfect on-boarding process for each of our clients. His passions revolve around his work, delving into any new innovations available to tackle fraud risk, and any data-driven task. Outside of work, he is owned by a house full of girls!

Sam Clayton

Partnership Manager

Sam Clayton is the Partnership Manager at Sphonic. He has 15 years of experience working in fraud and risk, from online retail through to consultancy and network consultancy in the world of start-ups. With a keen eye for new innovations in #RegTech and customer on-boarding. At weekends you’ll find him watching live music or football.

Hussain Moftah

Professional Services Consultant

Hussain Moftah is a Professional Services Consultant at Sphonic. He’s a spirited, charismatic and remarkably driven individual who enjoys the constant thrill of solving big problems. He builds workflows for our clients and is a strategist that can find cost and latency efficiencies in each workflow design he’s involved in.

Scott Anderson

Data Analyst

Scott is a Professional Services Data Analyst at Sphonic. Working both with clients and behind the scenes, he is involved heavily in the design process for our client worklows, as well as performing internal analysis to help ensure workflow scorecards and logic are optimal. He also manages an average fantasy football team.

Need something that works?


The Sphonic Professional Services Team recommends 3rd party data vendors based on your sector, policies and business goals. If you have any specific preferences, we will work with you on those, as well as advise on best practices.

Yes, the Sphonic Professional Services Team will advise and guide you throughout the design process when implementing workflows. We have many years of experience working with different customers, so we have examples of best practices that cover all use cases.

Our dedicated team is constantly researching the most effective vendors in the marketplace to achieve different goals in the fraud and risk process. We are able to advise on the best fit and combination of vendors for current and future workflows.