Get set up fast. For less.

Put compliance on autopilot with a fraud and risk automation solution ready-made for startups and small businesses like yours.

Combat fraud. Accelerate growth.

Get a full end-to-end KYC (Know Your Customer) onboarding solution with the best data available across your target region. Our rapid, cost-effective compliance implementation gets you up and running quickly, because we know when you’re scaling, time and money matters.

To do this

Stay compliant. Boost conversion.

Gain a partnership team that manages and maintains multiple APIs for you, keeping your business ahead of the pack with an eye on the latest 3rd party data service innovations at all times.

Stay ahead. Grow fast.

Gain access to experienced industry thought leaders who can provide recommendations on the next steps for your onboarding process, beyond the start-up phase.

Scale up. Keep costs down.

Benefit from a scalable, customer-centric approach that enables these solutions to grow with you as you scale, without the need to expand your tech resources to build internally.

You need this

Get up and go in less than 4 weeks

Get going with a pre-configured, tried and tested customer onboarding workflow. Specifically designed with pre-configured routing and vendors for low volume, pay-as-you-go business.

Pay-as-you-go model with monthly billing

Stay flexible and change when you need to. Move from a low volume, pre-configured workflow to a bespoke Sphonic workflow that fits your specific business needs, as you grow.

The best data available at start-up prices

Tap into the most cost-effective data in your region for a typical customer onboarding process, and benefit from cost-efficiency routing built right in to the Sphonic startup workflow.

Fast. Simple. Compliant.