Completely automate your compliance process

Fraud and risk automation workflows that put you in control of your KYC, KYB, AML, PEPs/Sanctions, Fraud and Risk policies and let you get back to business.

Build a complete digital picture

  • Smoother Onboarding
  • Less Fraud
  • One API

Say Hello to Genuine Customers

New regulations and digital financial processes make it challenging to verify clients are who they say they are. Our Workflow Manager helps compliance teams build a complete digital picture of each customer and fast-track customer onboarding.

Sphonic's single API gives financial institutions access to robust onboarding and transaction monitoring processes including, KYC/KYB, AML, PEPs/Sanctions, Fraud and Risk checks, freeing you to grow your business with confidence.

Make better decisions with complete data

Our technology employs innovative failover methods that check and recheck any missing information with multiple vendors, ensuring you always get the most relevant data.

What you get is significantly improved effectiveness of customer and enhanced due diligence (CDD & EDD), ensuring completeness of data wherever possible.

Unify multiple data sources

We understand how expensive and time-consuming assembling your own set of vendor connections can be. With Sphonic’s Workflow Manager, you choose from 80+ leading data providers — all through a single API.

You can create new facts and scores from data calls using bespoke logic and workflows designed for your unique policies. Through a single API, our automated system collects relevant, actionable data in real-time. This allows your teams to make rapid compliance decisions accurately, saving you time and money.

Get started

1. Design

Create Workflow designs based on your policies


Connect to the Sphonic Workflow Manager API


Gain accuracy and speed in your compliance processes

Become a leader in compliance

We get to know the intricacies of your business needs to tailor a powerful, intuitive compliance solution that keeps you ahead of advances in fraud while still maintaining a fast, convenient experience for your customers.

Innovative and best technologies

Deploy advanced technology and industry expertise in Fraud, Risk Management, Compliance and Vendor Data Modelling and focus your tech teams on business growth.

Real-time risk tracking

Increase operational efficiency and reduce manual checks with the ability to instantly identify risks or breaches of policy and act using the Sphonic Case Management System.

Accurate data

Consolidate, contextualise & harmonise disparate customer and counterparty data sets to build a customer’s relevant and accurate real-time digital picture.

Intuitive data

Onboard new customers inline with PSD2 and the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive by accessing and using only appropriate data required for decision-making, following the principle of economy of data.

Global reach

Achieve maximum flexibility and global scale through a completely agnostic gateway, 80+ data vendor integrations and a single API, without 3rd party vendor contractual commitments.

Fraud and risk expertise

Quickly and securely break down information silos and compare historical data across your team, aiding collaborative decision making in fraud prevention and money laundering analysis.

Need something that works?


The work for your dev team is minimal, the easiest way to look at it is a single integration to an API that would then cover you for over 80 vendor integrations.

Your contract is with Sphonic and we hold the commercial relationship for you with the majority of vendors, some however will require an end user agreement or potentially a direct commercial contract. These are usually country dependent.

Our service covers the majority of the globe across multiple different service types.

If there is an API, we are happy to review it and connect where possible.

At Sphonic we work with many different vendors throughout the integration process. We would recommend specific services offered by any of the vendors within our platform if we think they are a good fit for you.

Any and all changes can be made to the workflow at any time, all you need to do is tell us – we would then scope it and then schedule a time for the change to be made with you.

Yes, Professional Services will always be on hand to assist you with concerns or issues. This is the expert team responsible for making changes to your workflows.

While our workflows deal with data, not images, we can recommend several third party document verification vendors. We do not integrate with these, but we work in tandem with them.